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What is GAPS™ Group


The GAPS™ Group offers education and support for families looking to learn more about the GAPS™ Nutritional Protocol as well as be a resource for your questions as you and/or your family progress though the diet. Not only will the group be lead by a Certified GAPS Practitioner, but you will have the support of other families in the area who are experienced in the GAPS™ Nutritional Program.

This group is for: 

  • Beginners to GAPS™
  • Beginners to a natural approach to autism or other neuro-psychological or psychiatric conditions
  • Experienced GAPS™ parents or individuals
  • Anyone looking to learn more about this natural approach to reversing their symptoms or their family's symptoms

It is highly recommended that you purchase and read Gut and Psychology Syndrome™, written by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. This will give you a strong understanding of why so many of these conditions have emerged and the steps to heal the body. This is not a requirement before attending, but is recommended as you progress through this journey.


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