Nutritional Therapy Testimonials

From Katie- Truckee, CA

“Before scheduling a consultation with Lindsay at Traditional Roots Nutrition, there were endless nights I would stay awake with awful pain in my stomach. The pain was hard to describe but Lindsay seemed to know exactly what I meant. After our first round of her hands-on testing, Lindsay found a digestive aid supplement that I could feel results as I began to use it. Lindsay and I worked together for six sessions and it has literally changed my life. I have the choice to eat what I want, knowing how I will react to it, while also having supplemental support to help with this reaction. Lindsay has been very kind and helpful through this process and I am very thankful to have met her and made these changes.”


From Nicole- South Lake Tahoe, CA

“I was recommended to Lindsay as a nutrition consultant through a trusted acupuncturist.  I took a community education GAPS cooking class from her at Lake Tahoe Community College. This course was very thorough in teaching proper food preparation, food nutrition content, the healing power of food, recipes, sourcing of food ingredients, and enjoying your food.  This spring boarded my interest in hiring Lindsay as a nutrition coach.  Lindsay is a very competent nutritionist. She has the scientific background to understand the body’s ecological interactions and at the same time she is very compassionate. Lindsay listened to my unique story, regularly checked in for updates on my health, clearly explained her testing and protocol recommendations, and followed up with written outlines for me to be successful at implementing the protocol.  Her philosophy of supporting the body so it can heal itself proved successful for me both mentally and physically.   I will continue to work with Lindsay and recommend her to friends and family.”


From Kate- Truckee, CA

“My experience with Lindsay opened my eyes to what was happening in my body. She helped me create an acute awareness of what I was ingesting and how it was affecting me. She helped me understand digestive issues and the proper methods of dealing with them. She helped me to be mindful in creating a complete balance in my daily intake of food and how that could eliminate junk food cravings. I learned a lot about my body, how to get proper nutrients from certain foods, what not to buy at the grocery store, digestive supplements, and creating a stronger connection with food through cooking and slowly enjoying each bite. I highly recommend Lindsay to be your nutritional therapist!”


GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Testimonials

From Tracy- Truckee, CAGAPS Practitioner Manual Logo for Branding

“After five days on GAPS, I had a brand new 12 yr old son – from severe ADHD, social issues and depressed to happy, focused, kind, and obedient. Truly miraculous. I have tried everything. This was the last straw. The fabulous side effects we did not anticipate as a family – I sleep like a baby now, my husband’s GI issues are healing, and my daughter’s tantrums have all but subsided. Lindsay was instrumental in answering daily questions during GAPS Intro and beyond. I had serious questions, and we could not have done it without her support, wisdom and recipes. She even helped us plan food for a birthday party a month into GAPS.”


From Kelly- Reno, NV

“Our family decided to start the GAPS diet October 2, 2012 after a gluten-free dairy-free diet had failed to permanently help the health issues of me (Mom) and my 4 children. There was a lot of study, prayer and preparation that occurred beforehand, and we felt that in order for this to actually work, we needed help. Our pediatrician is not experienced in natural healing, but was supportive of our decision to change the diets of the children to help with their symptoms which were sporadic and sometimes difficult to define.

We had attempted an elimination diet before and our eyes were opened up to the real moment by moment difficulties of attempting such a feat, so we felt we could use all the help we could get. I went to a Weston A. Price gathering to hunt down the only GAPS Practitioner in the Northern Nevada area. This is where I met Lindsay Rojas.

Seven months after we started the diet, we have seen some great results. The details of having 5 people of different ages and symptoms move through intro proved to be very difficult. We are still not to full GAPS. I, the adult who heals even slower have seen even more roadblocks along the way. My body was not receiving the intro protocol well and the number of issues arising were many more than I could have possibly handled on my own. I was bogged down with making meals and struggling to keep up with everything. I could not possibly focus on myself for half a second to begin researching what could have been going on with my body. I would have completely ditched the whole thing if it wasn’t for the leaps and bounds of healing I was seeing in my kids and being able to dump on Lindsay all of the issues I was having.

I am able to e-mail her with questions, meet with her in Truckee (only 50 minutes from my house) or call her by phone. When I go to see her, she helps me determine what supplements I need to help my healing along. There have been a number of setbacks even when it didn’t matter what limited amounts of food I was consuming, I felt terrible. I can’t think of much more discouraging than eating squash, broth, meat and veggies all day long and still feeling awful. In the more difficult moments, she has been able to confirm my pain through some of her testing, recommend some supplements and help speed along my healing. Lindsay has training that helps her determine what supplements your body may better respond to which helps the wasted amounts of time, energy and money on your part (as looking at supplements available at the store is often a complete waste of time and money when the person choosing has no clue what they are doing).

In addition to the GAPS training Lindsay has received, she also has other experience to help you along the way if what you are doing on the protocol is not helping. Dr. Natasha’s book cannot possibly outline all of the problems you might run into while on this journey. All the yahoo groups and websites where you could gain information can be helpful, but they can also run you into circles, leaving you unsure of what to do next, and leaving you wanting to ditch all of your efforts. Our family was “all or nothing” on this temporary life change, hoping that it would heal us enough to be able to eat foods we couldn’t enjoy before without nasty symptoms. And adding Lindsay’s help to the mix was exactly what we needed to take this road in such a way as to not look back. As much as it pains me to even admit there is a possibility that GAPS is not going to be the end all of healing for the kids and I, at the very least we can rest assured that we gave GAPS the best go we could.  If that situation arises, Lindsay can help direct our steps now having enough past history to help us know what we could do next.

When anyone I know shows interest in healing their body using GAPS, I strongly encourage them to consider having a GAPS practitioner help them on their journey. Even though we are a one-income family of 6, it has been a necessity to have someone like Lindsay to support, coach, and encourage us along the way. And so far, it has proved worth it because there is no way we would still be pursuing this without Lindsay’s help.

May you be successful in your search for better health,”