What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy uses a much different approach compared to the conventional medical model. 

The approach is centered on you and your individual needs. Nutritional therapy focuses on balancing the six foundational pillars of health. These are diet, digestion, blood sugar handling, fatty acid balance, minerals, and hydration. By balancing these major organ systems and addressing these nutritional deficiencies, the body is then capable of healing on its own.

The full process consists of using many different tools to fully evaluate your current health status as well as determine what it is that you specifically need to balance your foundations. Nutritional therapists understand that each client is a bio-individual and your body has its own unique needs. We understand there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to our clients and their needs.  Learn More>



Meet Our Nutritional Therapist and Certified

GAPS™ Practitioner

~Lindsay Rojas, NTP, CGP

Lindsay’s passion for nutrition and alternative health was sparked when she realized the profound effect a nourishing diet had on her own health. Transitioning to a nutrient-dense, properly prepared, whole foods way of eating changed her life and health more than she could have ever expected. Due to the profound transformation she experienced with her own health, a life-long passion emerged and drive was established to educate the community about how to truly nourish the body with quality, unprocessed, whole foods. 

Lindsay is active in the community as a chapter leader for the Truckee/Tahoe Weston A. Price chapter and works closely with the Reno Weston A. Price Chapter. She is a member of Slow Food USA and is involved with the Slow Food Lake Tahoe chapter. She also holds free health/nutrition talks regularly. Check out our events page to find the next free health talk. 

Set up a free initial consultation to meet Lindsay and find out what Nutritional Therapy can do for you and your health.  Contact Us!