Myth 1: A calorie is a calorie, no matter where you get it from

Five hundred calories of processed foods such as cereal or diet foods, will NEVER be the same as 500 calories from whole, unprocessed food. Processed cereal or popular ‘health’ bars are void of quality vitamins and minerals, will leave you hungry, craving more and ultimately malnourished. Raw milk and naturally lean beef are just a few examples of whole foods which have a rich source of vitamins, beneficial enzymes and nourishment that will allow you to feel satiated and thrive. Not only will you feel great and those ridiculous cravings will no longer control your life, you will lose weight!


Myth 2: A calorie IN is a calorie OUT

You body really wants to burn fat for energy, but when empty calories are all it is given through sugary protein drinks, 100 calorie packs and other “food/diet” items that are void of proper nutrition, it turns to burning glucose first. Allow your body to naturally burn fat from eating proper meals that will satisfy you, satiate you and most importantly, nourish you. 


Enough is Enough!

If you are truely tired of “dieting”, yo-yo dieting, trying the new fad diets, it’s time to say enough is enough! It’s time to learn how to nourish your body with whole, unprocessed foods so that you can be a healthy individual and live a life with energy and vitality.

And guess what an amazing side effect is to that: WEIGHT LOSS! 

Not only will the weight naturally start coming off, but you will be doing this in a very safe and natural method. No “weight loss” pills are necessary that come with dreaded side effects and surgery to remove parts of essential organs is absolutely not necessary.

We prefer not to use the word “diet”. It has a negative connotation and most people associate it with something that is undesirable. Think of this as a lifestyle change that will leave you feeling your best and more energized. You won’t want to go back to eating the foods that make you feel sluggish and sick, so you are much more likely to stick with this lifestyle change and keep on challenging yourself. 

Let us help get you there and be your support system!

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