Sierra Health & Recreation Expo

The Sierra Health and Recreation Expo is the newest addition to the Truckee Home & Building Show this Memorial Weekend at the Truckee High School. Learn about access to locally made, fresh produce and how our schools are now serving fresh, made-from-scratch, healthy meals. Respected speakers will present on healthy living topics, and professionals in all areas of health and wellness will be available to talk.

Genesa Living Foundation also organized a full interactive forum, Toolbox for the Informed Eater, where speakers will begin to unpack the 12 tools that will help you make healthier, more sustainable food choices for yourself and the people you love. Healthy living begins with healthy food. Learn what organic really means. What is it about fat, sodium, sugar, caffeine, and fiber in our diet? Locally produced and seasonal seem to be the buzz words these days. Do you know why? Did you know that Truckee has a community garden? How do you grow a high altitude garden? Learn all this and how to live healthier and happier lifestyles based on sound fundamental principles of health, nutrition, and local sustainable agriculture.

Admission is only $6! Click here for a 2-for-1 coupon!

Check out the great line up of speakers! Expo Line Up